Monday, April 24th, 2017

Common issue’s with growing a beard and what you can do about it


A majority of the people have patchy beards.

The majority of these people were growing their beards from the 0 – 6 month period.

A Patchy beard can attack anyone, myself included.

I have patchy sections under my chin and the section around my goatee is thinner. Unfortunately, a lot of this comes down to genetics.

But, there are answers! For anyone who has just started growing your beard you want to give it a least a constant 3 month period of growth. This will show you your beard growing potential with six months showing true results!

People claim their beards are patchy before any real growth has occurred.

Our facial hair grows at different periods of times and giving yourself at least 3 months of growth will allow the slow growing hairs a chance to catch up.


This one is quite common and there is a few things that can be done to help alleviate the itch.

When you first start’s growing a beard it can start to feel irritable as your skin is not used to anything being there, give it time to settle and you may be surprised but can also be something more than that. It can also be itchy as the hair is trying to break through the many fine layers of skin.

An itch could also be due to dry skin which is mainly caused by lack of hydration underneath.

Regularly washing your beard and the skin with shampoo and conditioner is a sure fire way to help calm the itch and even cure the itch.


Growing a beard to the desirable length can be the test of patience and persistence.

A good starting point is to keep regularly washing your beard (shampoo and conditioner).

After a wash, your beard will feel quite soft but this doesn’t last long because our bead hairs are quite different to our regular hair, it doesn’t hold on to moisture for long and dries out.

Beard oil can help lock in that moisture for a lot longer and helps keep your beard from looking withered and rundown.

Beard oil with a combination of getting the ends trimmed every 3-4 weeks to help stop split ends will give the best result to growth and longevity.

*Article by Matthew Simpson

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