Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Creative hair colour, Pastels with Coloured Bleach in Perth Hair Salon

Pastel Hair Colour with Coloured Bleach

Some of you may be familiar with our previous work with coloured bleach and this amazing product but for those of you who are new to this here is a quick run down of this amazing product!

What is Coloured Bleach?

Coloured Bleach is a revolutionary new product helping hairdressers achieve outstanding bright colours.

Whilst vibrant colours have been popular for quite some time now in the past hairdressers would have to lighten clients hair first to a very light colour prior to applying bright colours to the hair. This can be very time consuming and involve a lot of chemical processes on the hair.

Coloured bleach is a

one step action that colours and lightens the hair all in one application

this reduces the process time and reduces the amount of chemical processes needed leaving the hair in much better condition. Coloured Bleach has revolutionized the way hairdressers use colour and has made bright colours a more accessible salon service for our clients.

Outside the Box with Coloured Bleach

As most of our clients would know we are often keeping our selves busy working with alternative colours or coming up with something a bit different. Typically Coloured Bleach is designed for creating super bright colours as you would have seen in our previous post, however on this day we decided to pastelise it, and this is how our Candy inspired hair style on the beautiful Ellie was born! (pictured right) Read on for more on how this was created.

A Brand New Colour

Currently the Coloured Bleach product is only available in PINK & PURPLE, however they have in the making and soon to be released also a TEAL BLUE & RED. Just Recently Coloured Bleach selected a few hairdressers around Australia to try their new colours and fortunately I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of them. You will see some glimmers of this brand new TEAL BLUE colour in Ellie's hair to give you a taste of what is to come once this amazing product is readily available on our colour shelves for all!

Selection & Process

When Ellie came to us she was a light golden blonde with a small amount of natural regrowth. To create this look we used 5 different Custom mixes all based from the Coloured Bleach range, here is a run down!

We first used a pastelised version of the purple bleach to lighten Ellie's natural roots, using the pastelised purple instead of traditional lightener on the scalp means that it will tone the natural gold that is usually exposed during lightening, this service alone has been incredibly popular amongst our blonde clients. This custom mix was further pastelised and applied to the remainder of ellies blonde to lighten and tone the golden blonde giving Ellie's hair a nice icy cool blonde look.

So were did the candy colours come from? Now this was the fun part, We sectioned Ellies hair into triangular partings and through these triangles we alternated our custom pastel mixes of, PASTEL TEAL BLUE, PASTEL PINK & PASTEL PURPLE and applied these colours with weaved BALAYAGE FOILS.

By applying the colours with this method we created a deconstructed hit and miss flow of colours through the hair.

Thank you to Crosby Chang of Pristine Pixels for the Photography. Please head over and check out his facebook page. /

Here are some fun snaps we took our self showing the process during colour and styling

We hope you enjoyed our Pastel Candy look on Ellie as much as we did! Jump on our facebook page and let us know what you think!


Stay tuned on our blog for more work with Coloured Bleach!

Once again huge thank you to all on the team for this photo shoot, It would not have happened with out everyone involved!



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