Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Instant Results for fine & thinning hair. BioTHIK NEW to Perth Hair Salon Eclectic Styles


Instant Results for thinning hair

As someone who has always suffered from fine and thinning hair myself I am super excited to officially announce the Launch of Bio THIK to our Salon

Bio THIK is a brand new product based on a new technology of hair styling using NATURAL, ORGANIC KERATIN PROTEIN (the same thing our own hair is made of) it statically clings to our own hair which we apply while styling and conceals any areas of thinning hair. Bio THIK is one of Hollywood's best kept secrets and is an undetectable make up for hair giving you the appearance of fuller thicker hair you always wanted!

I first discovered Bio THIK in June this year when our team went over to Sydney for the Australian Hair Expo. Among many interesting things we saw their over the 3 days Bio THIK stood out to me straight away as not only was it a product I could use myself but I instantly thought of so many clients this product could help. So we bought it back to the salon and trialed it on various clients with all different hair types and after a few months of playing with this product I decided I would like to make this product available to everyone and easily accessible for people in Perth. After all no one should have to struggle with styling fine or thinning hair when you can so easily disguise it.

How Bio THIK works

Bio THIK cosmetically alters your hairs appearance.

BioTHIK is the ultimate hair loss concealer, making thin hair look thick again in seconds. It instantly eliminates the appearance of thinning and balding hair. Charged with static electricity the fibers cling and blend into your existing hair. Each individual hair strand appears thicker, making your own hair look dramatically fuller and thicker with ease.

BioTHIK hair fibers are durable and totally undetectable, even from as close as two inches away. They won't come off in the wind, rain, or from sweat and the fibers are compatible with all hair products. You can rest assured that your hair fibers will stay in place until the next time you shampoo. BioTHIK hair fibers are perfect for both men and women experiencing hair loss or for those just wanting thicker, fuller hair.

How to use BioTHIK

With BioTHIK their is only 4 easy steps to fuller thicker hair.

1. Dry and Style your hair as normal. (BioTHIK must be applied to dry hair.

2. Shake liberally concealing thinning and balding areas.

3. Gently pat hair to set fibers in place, you may gently brush or style your hair

4. Use the Fiber Locking Mist to secure the Fibers for added durability.


Like any hair product out there on the giant market of cosmetics their is always many competitive brands to choose from. Why we use and recommend BioTHIK

Organic Natural Formula

BioTHIK is made up of natural, organic keratin protein, the same thing that your hair is constructed from.

BioTHIK is an all natural organic product, made up of the same material as your own hair. Therefore it will not clog the pores

Grey Coverage

BioTHIK can also be sprinkled onto grey regrowth not only to thicken the hair but also to disguise & cover grey hair.

Great Colour Range

BioTHIK has one of the best ranges of colours in hair fibres I have seen, with 11 shades within their range which suit most people their colours can also be intermixed to create custom colours of for people with foils. Ask us how!

Style you hair as normal with BioTHIK

BioTHIK is compatible with all your usual styling products and you can still use heated tools such as hair straighteners and hot curlers as normal.

BioTHIK works on all hair types

BioTHIK is suitable for MEN & WOMAN


Are you interested in trying the BioTHIK range? Visit our salon for a FREE DEMO and colour match, please visit us with clean dry hair for best results and best colour match. Alternatively book in with us for a Shampoo and Blow wave and we will apply BioTHIK through your hair FREE!


As an introductory offer purchase any BioTHIK Hair Fibre & Locking mist from us and we will include a BONUS travel sized PURE oil of Marrakesh so you can also nourish your hair, style away the frizzes and add extra shine to your hair for the total look of full, thick and healthy hair!



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