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DIY Halloween Costume, How to Make your own realisic looking Fake Blood!

Halloween Make Up

DIY Halloween Costumes!

How to make your own fake blood!

Want to look super scary and spooktacular this Halloween?

Here is a short guide on a type of fake blood you can easily make at home that is safe to use on your skin including the face.

This type of blood mix is Perfect for clothing splatters (May stain) or for fresh looking scratches and cuts. This type of fake blood will have a shiny texture and look like fresh blood for quite some time before it begins to dry out!

You will need

*Glucose (corn) Syrup, available at leading supermarkets and health food stores.

*Red and Blue food Colouring. Natural Alternatives available at health food stores.

There is no specific mixture for this, simply use as much Glucose Syrup for how much fake blood you would like to make. Mix in red food colouring until you are happy with the intensity of the colour.

Once you are happy with the intensity of the colour you can use a little blue colouring to deepen the colour and make it look more realistic.

I use approximately 1 drop of blue to every 10 drops of Red Colouring.

If you are using this fake blood for very deep looking cuts you may want to add a little extra blue to your mix to create a deeper looking fresh from the veins looking blood.


*Use a Clear bowl this way you can see how it is mixing and get a clearer idea of the colour.

*Paint your fake blood mix on to white paper first to check the colour before applying it on your clothing/skin.

*When mixing blue in, as blue is such a strong colour and the pigment in this colour will vary from brand to brand you have to be careful not to overpower your red and turn the blood purple. If you accidently make your blood to dark there is no amount of red that can undo this. I recommend using 1 drop of blue at a time and mixing the bowl thoroughly and checking the colour between each drop of blue colouring, in smaller batches this is crucial as a little too much blue can ruin your mix!

*Want the texture of your blood to be a bit thicker? Sure add some Cocoa Powder to your mix this will thicken the mixture and also make your fake blood Smell and Taste great!

Is it realistic looking?

It does pretty good as long as you get your colour right!

Left over blood? No problem, store your left over blood in an air tight container and you can re use it! Or use it for decorating. One of our favourite decorating ideas is to cover the walls in Butchers paper or newspaper and poor the fake blood into a squeezy bottle and squirt into a splatter effect for some spooky deco!

*Use with caution near painted walls/furniture you may need to double layer your paper with more runny types of blood or you may already have your Halloween Deco stained on your walls for the next few years to come!

Intensify your Fake Blood

Want a faster drying more clumpy looking blood?

Create a mix of equal parts gelatine and water. Place the mixture immediately on its final resting place bowl/tray. This mixture will have a yellowish colour so mix in your original mixture. This fake blood recipe will set and dry on your skin so is great for creating scratches/scabs, clumpy wounds or lumps of flesh.


*This mixture will set very quickly so make sure you are ready to use it straight away.

*Make smaller batches as needed to avoid it drying out and going to waste.

*Whilst the ingredients in this mixture are natural and safe for most people to use, if you have

sensitive skin or food allergies we recommend doing a test patch first at least 24 hours before use.

So there you have it, a quick and easy way to DIY fake blood for your Halloween costume this year! We hope you have a great Halloween and be sure to check out our Facebook page and Instagram @ECLECTICSTYLESHAIR to see some of the Halloween Make Up's we come up with this year!

*Article by Elizabeth Stillisano


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