Friday, November 13th, 2015

Pastel Hair Colour at Perth Hair Salon

Calling all lovers of

Pastel Hair Colour

If your a fan of pastel hair colours or your someone who likes to be able to change your hair colour frequently then you will absolutely love the JUUCE Colour Love range, that have just released 3 new exciting colours.

New to the Colour Love Range?

JUUCE Colour Love is the perfect way of adding temporary colour to your hair and is also the perfect way to extend your colour life and keep the freshness of your salon colour in between visits. Not only will Colour Love add vibrancy and tone your hair colour in between visits it will also nourish and treat your leaving it looking incredibly shiny, feeling super soft without creating a build up in your hair!

For more information on JUUUCE Colour Love and how to use it please check out our previous blog here

Already a fan of Colour Love?

Then you will be keen to check out our new shades

3 New Fun Shades

JUUCE Colour Love have just released 3 new exciting shades Silver Violet, Mulberry Orchid and Dusky Rose

Silver Violet

Silver Violet is designed for use on very light blonde hair, it will tone and remove gold from light blonde hair and will add a beautiful silver/violet tone to very light blonde hair or platinum blonde hair.

Silver/Violet can also be mixed with any other Colour Love to dilute and customise the colour, if your creative with your Colour Love you will love silver/violet

Dusky Rose

Dusky Rose is a beautiful pastel shade from the pink family, and will add a soft pastel pink tone to all blonde hair, the lighter the blonde the more pastel and more noticeable this colour will be.

Dusky Rose can be mixed with mulberry orchid for a more intense pink or for a pink on darker blonde hair.

Dusky Rose can also be mixed with silver violet for an even more pastel effect.

Mulberry Orchid

Mulberry Orchid is one of my favourite colours in the new range as its vibrancy and intensity makes it the most versatile of the range.

Mulberry orchid will add mulberry pink tones to all blonde hair, its intensity will depend on the lightness of your hair, the lighter your hair is the more intense the result will be.

Mulberry orchid can also be mixed with silver/violet or dusky pink for a more pastel result.

Mulberry orchid will also help refresh and add shine to light coloured plum, burgundy or mahogany coloured hair.

Steel Blue

Steel Blue otherwise known as silver or grey hair is super trendy right now and whilst there is not a specific steel blue colour in the range it can easily be created by mixing JUUCE Colour Love Silver/Violet with Blue/Black. The ratio at what to mix it depends on how dark your hair is and how deep you would like the result.

This can be used to create steel blue on already platinum or very light blonde hair or used at home to maintain your salon perfected steel blue.

Pro Tip: On very light blonde hair I personally recomend using more of the silver/violet tone.

Get Creative

Just like the creation of Steel Blue, there is no reason why we can not be creative with the rest of the JUUCE Colour Love range. To know our salon favourites please check out our Blog post "Creative colour with JUUCE Colour Love"

Or follow the link here

Photo Credits to HairJamm Australia

*Article by Elizabeth Stillisano


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