Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Creative Colour with JUUCE Colour Love at Perth Hair Salon

Get Creative with Colour Love

Chances are if your reading this blog your already familiar with the JUUCE Colour Love range, if so keep on reading!

If you are new to the JUUCE Colour Love range I highly recommend checking out my previous blogs on JUUCE Colour here

For the basics

For the new range

Time to mix up

So you have already used the JUUCE Colour Love Range, Great! Get ready to use more of it with our favourite salon custom mixes.

Fuchsia Pink

Best results on light coloured hair, Mix 2 parts mulberry orchid to 1 part Red for a fuchsia/Hot Pink result

Chestnut Brown

Best Results on Light to Medium Coloured Brown Hair, mix equal parts of Rich Chocolate and Red for a shiny rich chestnut brown effect.

Burnt Chocolate

Best results on light to medium coloured brown hair, mix equal parts copper and rich chocolate for a sun kissed warm glow to your brown hair.


Best results on light coloured hair, mix 3 parts dusky rose to 1 part copper for a beautiful light salmon colour.

Cool Peach

Best results on light coloured hair, mix 4 parts Blue/Violet to one part copper for a cool peach effect on light hair

Stormy Blonde

Best results on dark blonde or foiled blonde hair, mix 3 parts beige to 1 part blue/black for an ash/matt result

Have your own mix?

If you have your own mix we have not mentioned please share it with us on facebook or instagram we would love to give it a test run! We also love to see everyone having fun with their colours so don't forget to share your work with us on facebook or instagram @eclecticstyleshair

Most of all don't forget to have fun and Love your hair with JUUCE Colour Love!

Photo Credit to HairJamm Australia

*Article by Elizabeth Stillisano


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