Monday, April 11th, 2016

Whats New at Eclectic Styles Hair Salon

What's new at Eclectic Styles

We are back with a little blog and I would like to start by telling you what we have been up to and what you can expect from Eclectic Styles Hair Make Up Beauty in the coming months.

Urban List Perth

We appreciate all our customers who frequently visit and to help us grow your time to vote for us in the Urban List Perth's search for Perth's Best Hair Salon would mean alot to us!

You can vote for Eclectic Styles Hair Make Up Beauty by clicking the picture below

Trading Hours

We are still open Tuesday through to Saturday as we have been since the begining however, we have been trialling new hours of operation over the last few months within these days and will continue to be doing so for some time so that we can determine when the most popular times our clients would like to see us are. For this reason we are only in some days by appointment so please make sure you call us prior to coming down to secure an appointment.

Australian Hair Expo 2016

We are currently gearing up for the annual Australian Hair Expo which has an exciting new Venue this year over in Melbourne! The very talented K-Team from our colour company Kaaral will be there on stage and we are looking forward to being inspired by them and many other talented hairdressers.

We will be doing a course with the very

talented Guy Tang celebrity hairdresser who will be at Hair Expo 2016 with the Olaplex World tour. Along with many other very talented hairdressers.

Can't wait to be inspired and bring back what we learn and hopefully some exciting new products to show all of our lovely clients.

Colouring In Collection

On the topic of hair education we recently attended the Colouring in collection Evening presented by Hairjamm and brought to us by the talented Jude and Rhi of Identified Hair.

The Duo performed an interactive evening showcasing how we can push the boundaries with JUUCE Love Colour Conditioning treatments and how they can be used to create pastel hair colours for our clients.

For more information about JUUCE Love Colour conditioning treatments please visit our previous thread here

The Duo at identified hair also demonstrated their take on the "Pixel Hair Trend."

Jude and Rhi's colour work was exceptional and a great inspiration for us to take back to the salon!

New Senior Stylist

In the next few weeks we will have a new Senior Hair Stylist joining our little team, they will be a contracter so there pricing may be a little different to ours however their ethics of providing quality and custom hair services with premium products will be very much the same!

School Holidays

The school holidays are upon us so its a good time to bring your children down for their trims before the big rush starts just before school goes back! We will also have some specials mid holidays for all the Teens and Mum's needing their hair coloured so keep an eye on our facebook page and instagram @eclecticstyleshair

*Article by Elizabeth Stillisano


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