Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Latest trends and news at Perth Hairdressing Salon Eclectic Styles

It's been a very busy and exciting winter this year and we thought we would give you all a little update about what the Eclectic Styles Hair and Make Up Team have been upto.

Hair Education

There has been lots and lots of hair education with our Team this last month post hair expo. Our Team attended the Matrix Playground Evening were we were inspired by Many guest Hair artists, colourists and session stylists.

Matrix playground featured many different models with different styles, some were pre-done and a lot were done on stage live in front of us. We also saw some amazing wigs!

Earlier that day we also attended the Matrix Business Forum where we learnt a lot of valuable information, especially about the recent changes to social media, and on that note, Did you know that if you don't keep interacting with our page by 'Liking' or commenting on or sharing our posts soon facebook will limit how much of our posts you see. So if you enjoy our work please make sure you stay active on our page so you get to keep seeing more.

New Denim Hair Trend

Yes Denim Hair, its the latest craze on instagram #DenimHair and we are in love with it. In fact our Junior Make Up Artist Celina is sporting Denim Hair herself with a new sassy bob and we think she looks fab. If you would like a Denim Hair look at your next appointment make sure you mention this to the girls when you book in. In the mean time check out gorgeous Celina's #newhairdo

Liz will be launching new Hair Colour

Our owner Liz will be teaming up with Hairjamm's colour technician Sam in August at a new event called 'Jamm Night' an industry look and learn night for Perth hairdressers were together they will be launching the brand New Davines Mask with vibracrom Hair Colour. This will be Liz's first time educating on stage and she is definitely looking forward to it!

Bitcoin accepted at Perth Hair Salon

That's right we now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for hairdressing services. If your familiar with bitcoin then all you need to be able to use Bitcoin for your next hair cut is your bitcoin wallet on a smart device. If you are new to bitcoin or haven't heard of it before you can seek more information at

Get Naked with Hair Aid

Get Naked with Hair Aid is all about providing hairdressers with Real, Raw skills in all aspects of hairdressing. This is an anual event that also helps raise money for Hair Aid. For more information on hair aid go to

At this years Hair Aid we got to see the incredible long hair stylist Sharon Blain doing some long hair styling on stage. (pictured) Our house model Vanessa (Liz's sister) was lucky enough to model for her. We also saw Simone Lee Hair Expo 2016 Western Australian Hairdresser of the year as she previewed her latest collection and gave us an insight to wig making. We also saw some avant garde hair styling and cutting on stage as well as some really on trend barbering work.

Beautiful Waves by Jo

Our apprentice Hairdresser has become a bit of an expert at creating beautiful waves. You can book in with Jo to have your hair blowaved and styled on Wednesday's and Friday's.

Refoil is here

Did you know that Australian Hairdressing Salon's send 1,000,000 KG's of aluminum foil waste to land fill each year? Well at Eclectic Styles Hair and Make Up we are proud to announce we have taken the initiative to Refoil. This means that not only do we purchase our aluminum foil from refoil a company who makes their foil from recycled aluminium, but we also recycle our used aluminium by scrunching our used aluminium into balls (tennis ball size or larger) and then sending them to be recycled. Refoil is just one of the little ways that we can help reduce our foot print on this beautiful earth.

IHS Competition

We entered International Hair Stylists Societys Colour Quest hairdressing competition in May and we will be showcasing all of our photo's shortly so keep an eye out to see the finished result. In the meantime you can head over to our facebook page for a sneak peak. We are currently gearing up for the next IHS competition Battle of the stylists and we will have more information on that shortly.


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