Monday, August 4th, 2014

Revolutionary New Hair Colour, Coloured Bleach now available



This one is great for all my lovely clients that love the bright colours! We can now lighten and colour your hair all in one step with more vibrancy and longer lasting results with less fading!

The great thing we are loving about this product is that it leaves the hair in much better condition as we are not having to do to many processes to achieve the bright colours we all love!

Currently available in purple and fuchsia pink, we can also make Lavender/Lilac shades and rose pink in lighter hair types!

More colours to come soon!

Would you like to know how coloured bleach could work in your hair?

Book a consultation with us we will be more than happy to discuss ideas with you

PH 9272 8341

Pictured above is a colour fade (ombre technique) that we did in the salon using both purple and pink colours!

Check out the What's new section of our website for more deals and offers!


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