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10 Things Your Perth Hairdresser wants you to know about Hair Extensions

Considering Hair Extensions?

Read our small guide, 10 Things to know about hair Extensions first

With 8 years experience of working with hair extensions and now running a Hair Salon that specialises in Hair extensions we have seen and heard all sorts of things when it comes to hair extensions, so we have compiled a list based on client questions and what we see in the salon of what we think is the most important things to know before getting hair extensions. Please note that this is a guide only and we give personalised advise to each client based on their hair! For Further information please contact us directly.

1. What are hair extensions?

Hair Extensions is a means of adding hair to your own hair to create additional length, thickness and volume.

There are many different types of hair extensions, the most popular methods are Clip Ins, Tape Hair, Micro Links, Bonding and Weaved Hair Extensions. Hair Extensions come in Human Hair and Synthetic Fibers, All types have their own pros and cons and its through consultation with your hairdresser that they will recommend the best type suited to your hair and lifestyle.

*Here at Eclectic Styles we only use 100% Real Human High Quality Hair Extensions, we recommend Tape in Hair extensions for permanent hair, and Clip in Hair Extensions for temporary hair additions. We are also trained in Micro Link hair extensions however we have found tape hair extensions to be the most popular in our salon and we recommend them to most clients.

*We are a Wasp Hair Australia Certified Hair Salon

2. Donít be afraid to ask questions!

Even if it seems silly or simple, some times itís knowing the smallest things that will make the biggest improvements on how you look after your extensions.

Donít be afraid to ask were your hairdresser trained and how much experience they have working with hair extensions. It is important to know that your hairdresser has experience working with hair extensions, Since the de-regulation of hairdressing in Western Australia there is more and more POP UP hair extension salons and ďhair extensionistísĒ whilst most of these people do everything correctly some do not. Itís important when considering hair extensions you make sure you go to a reputable hairdresser/extension technician with experience.

3.Know what is going in your hair!

Donít be afraid to ask were your hair is coming from, and make sure you are getting what you pay for!

It is totally ok to ask to see your hair before it is installed in your hair, if you are not happy with the look and feel of your hair now is the time to say so!

*We proudly Use Wasp Hair in Our Salon

Wasp hair is an Australian Company based in Perth & Melbourne who source the highest Quality Russian/European and Indian Hair. Wasp Guarantees all their hair which is great as we can pass this guarantee along to our clients and offer a Guarantee on hair quality with all our hair extension work!

4. Correct After Care

It is absolutely vital that you use the correct aftercare, using the incorrect products in your hair can be catastrophic to your hair extensions and cause your investment in hair extensions to be wasted. Certain ingredients can react with the finishing coating on hair extensions whilst other ingredients can break down the bonds leading to premature slipping and affecting the overall longevity of the extensions. All hair extensions are created and manufactured with slightly different chemical processes, there for the care instructions vary differently from brand to brand. If your hair extensions donít come with corresponding after care and advice on how to correctly look after them I would recommend proceeding with caution.

*Wasp Hair has its own range of hair Care products and styling tools suited specifically for their hair extensions.

We include an after care pack along with detailed instructions with all hair extension services at Eclectic Styles this way we know all our clients are looking after their new hair correctly and making the most of their investment.

5.Hair Extensions need TLC

Whoever says hair extensions donít need looking after is kidding themselves! Whilst Hair extensions are NOT difficult to look after they do require a small amount of your time to maintain them, this includes gentle daily brushing all the way through, and drying your hair straight after washing along with using the correct products.

Permanent extensions such as Tapes and Micro Links will require salon maintenance every 6-8 weeks depending on your hair type, this will be explained in detail by your hairdresser.

*Failing to look after your hair extensions properly and not meeting your maintenance appointments could lead to damaging your hair extensions and potentially damaging your hair.

Make sure you talk to your hairdresser about your daily routine, If you are not one to spend much time on your hair perhaps Clip In Hair extensions are a better option for you.

6. Colouring your hair

If you are going to be colouring your hair it is best to do this before the application of hair extensions, as colouring whilst the extensions are in will risk hair colour being applied to the extensions plus we will not be able to give you an even colour application whilst hair extensions are attached to your own hair. We recommend that any further colours are done at the same time as your maintenance appointment.

*We recommend having your hair coloured by the same hairdresser/salon that is applying your extensions as they will know exactly what colours to use to create the most blended look.

*All Our Hair Extension packages include a hair colour service so we can give you the total look and optimum blending!

7. Cutting your hair

If you are considering cutting your hair it is best to leave it until you have had a hair extension consultation. Whilst regular trimming of your hair is important for the health of your hair, depending on the thickness of your hair sometimes extensions will blend better with hair with a slightly wispy edge that hasnít been trimmed. Whilst others may need layers cut into their hair to aid with blending the extensions.

*During the consultation process we will have a look at your hair and explain what the best process would be for creating optimum blending between your own hair and the hair extensions.

8. Curly Hair and Hair extensions

If you have curly hair this is something to take into consideration when making the decision to take on hair extensions. As most hair extensions will naturally dry straight there will be a significant difference in the texture between your own hair and the additional hair extensions. This means your hair will require additional time styling to make sure the hair extensions blend well with your hair.

Alternatively we would recommend having a Keratin smoothing treatment prior to your hair extensions to smooth your hair, remove frizz and make it easier to style, or alternatively perhaps opt for clip in hair extensions to use only when your hair is styled.

*At Eclectic Styles we offer a natural organic certified Keratin smoothing treatment that will repair your hair and leave your hair much more manageable. For more information on our Keratin services please contact us.

9. Extensions DO NOT HURT!

Correctly applied hair extensions should not be causing any discomfort, sometimes they may feel tight for the first few days especially if this is your first set or you have fine hair, however they should not be painful at all! If your extensions are giving you any discomfort in any way contact your hairdresser immediately!

*At Eclectic Styles we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, in any case hair extensions are uncomfortable or simply donít feel right we offer our clients to come back in and see us and we will happily make the necessary adjustments to the hair extensions application in order to make the hair extensions more comfortable.

10. Consultation is vital!!!

It is important for your hairdresser to do a consultation with you, first of all to determine weather your hair is suitable for hair extensions and which method would be best suited to your hair. It is during this time that the correct length and colour will be selected and after care and maintenance will be explained.

*At Eclectic Styles we off an obligation free, cost FREE consultation. This helps us help you choose the best method for your hair and help you make the most of your hair extensions.

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