Eclectic Styles Hair Studio

WA I.H.S Salon of the Year 2018

At Eclectic Styles Hair Studio we have a talented & award winning team of Hair Enthusiasts!

We believe your hair should be as beautifully unique as you. We pride ourselves on creativity and attention to detail.

We listen to your needs and wants to work together with you to create the perfect hairstyle to suit you.

We specialise in Creative Colour anything from Reds, Blondes, Balayage, Unicorn Hair and everything in between.

Cutting and Styling, Hair extensions and we even have a specialised Barber for the Gents!

At Eclectic Styles Hair Studio we love animals so you can rest assured that the products we use and recomend are cruelty free.

We also like to support local as much as possible with our main choice of Hair Care & Colour from Australian Owned & Made Pure & Juuce.

All of this in a chilled environment with our friendly team Liz, Matt and Jo.

To make a reservation with one of our Stylists please message our facebook page or phone 08 92728341.

Walk ins welcome for Barbering Wednesday - Saturday.

We are open

Tuesdays by Appointment.

Wednesday 12 -8 (later by appointment)

Thursday 10-8 (later by appointment)

Friday 9-6

Saturday 10-4

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Elizabeth Stillisano, Creative Director

Liz started Eclectic Styles in 2012 with a vision to create a place were anyone could come to get some seriously cool hair in a friendly social environment.

Having always been inspired by artwork & all things creative Liz began her career at an early age in her auntie’s salon, intrigued by the artistic and creative aspects of all things hair.

Completing her apprenticeship along with studying Beauty Therapy enhanced Liz's knowledge of the skin, scalp, hair health and growth, and understanding all the elements essential to creating a total look

and has ever since continued her studies in hairdressing having most recently completed her Associate Certfiicate with the Australian Institute of Trichology to be able to help her clients the best way possible.

To Liz, hairdressing is ever evolving and since opening Eclectic Styles at 19, she has enjoyed taking the different pathways presented through education, fashion, and technology, to progress and enhance her technical work, skillsets and leadership style, and share this with her team.

Liz and the team regularly attend industry events, training, fashion shows and industry related events interstate to be able to bring the latest technology of hairdressing back to the salon.

Liz's work is constantly drawing inspiration from elements completely unrelated to hair & combining textures & colours together that wouldn't typically be fused.

Some recent career highlights for Liz include

making the top 12 finalists for National Colour Competition Pure Fabric of Nature & WA I.H.S. where she won Ultimate Champion & Senior Hairdresser for 2018 as well as the salon also taking out the title of WA I.H.S Salon of the Year 2018

Her affinity for colour work has been heightened by her passion for education, making Liz confident in mixing creative colour cocktails, and highlighting a cut and features through the creative placement of colour.

Liz also regularly assists with local education events in Perth with Hairjamm helping inspire other hairdressers.

Rest assured when you are in the chair with Liz you are being looked after with a wealth of knowledge & creativity to help you with your hair goals.

Liz's recent achievments

Winner 2018 WA I.H.S The Ultimate WA I.H.S Champion 2018

Winner 2018 WA I.H.S Senior Hairdresser of the Year

Finalist 2018 Pure Fabric of Nature Colour Competition, Top 12 National Finalist

Winner 2016 WA I.H.S Overall Champion

Winner 2016 WA I.H.S Men's Hairdresser of the Year

Winner 2018 S/S WA I.H.S 1st Place LIVE Senior Ladies Cutting

Winner 2018 S/S WA I.H.S 1st Place Queen of the Brides Spring

Winner 2018 A/W WA I.H.S 1st Place LIVE Senior Session Stylist

Winner 2018 A/W WA I.H.S 1st Place Photoholic Colourist

Winner 2018 A/W WA I.H.S 1st Place Photoholic Commercial

Winner 2017 A/W WA I.H.S 1st Place Open Fantasy Colour Autumn/Winter Edition


Matt the Barber

Matt came on board with our salon in 2016 with a passion for barbering. Though he is not just the Barber but also Liz's husband and has a lot to do with making sure our salon runs smoothly.

Matt spends most of his days in the salon looking after the Lads in our specialised mens area but when you don't see him, he is usually busy off siding helping Liz run the back of the business

from salon coordinating to marketting and everything in between.

When you sit in Matt's chair you will notice that he really takes the time to listen to you & help create the best hair cut to suit your lifestyle & will be able to show you all the little tricks

you can do yourself to be able to up keep your style when your not in the salon.

With an absolute passion for beards, Matt will be able to sculpt and shape your existing beard of any size or give you guidance and help you grow your own. Hot towel face shaves are another one of his specialities

to stay true to the old school barbering service that was once lost.

Matt also specialises in scalp health and is the go to man to talk to about premature hair loss, flaky scalp and all things scalp health related.

Matt works in the salon Wednesday through to Saturday. You can book your service with Matt however you are also more than welcome to walk in at your convenience.

When your in the chair with Matt you will be able to indulge in the senses and smells of the specialised barbering products he uses to be able to look after you including Dear barber direct from the UK

and our very own Australian Made Juuce Barber Art & Pure Barber Grade Styling.

Matt's recent achievements

Winner WA I.H.S 2018 Junior Lord of the Barber for 2018

Winner WA I.H.S S/S 1st Place LIVE Junior LOTB Men's Urban

Winner WA I.H.S S/S 3rd PLACE LIVE Junior LOTB Men's Traditional

Winner 2018 WA I.H.S A/W Lord of the Barber's LIVE Junior Men's Urban 2nd Place

Winner 2018 WA I.H.S A/W Lord of the Barber's LIVE Open Hair Art 3rd Place


Tadia, Senior Hairdresser

Tadia is our newest team member at Eclectic Styles Hair studio and has known Liz for a very long so naturally she fits in amazingly with our little team.

Originally from London UK you will love every minute of your hair appointment with Tadia and her bubbly personality.

Tadia has been hairdressing for over 8 years, she is amazing at her craft, her specialities include foiling, blonde hair colour techniques and hair extensions.

Her most favourite thing to do is big corrections and make overs so if your hair is in need of some TLC or a big change Tadia is the hairdresser you want to see.

Tadia is also very passionate about education as well as attending lots of courses her self she will make sure you leave with the best knowledge about your hair style and how to get the very best out of it at home.


Jo, Emerging Hairdresser

Jo is our youngest but most certainly one of our most enthusiastic team members having began her hair journey with Eclectic Styles a little over 5 years ago whilst still completing her school studies to

graduate year 12 she also completed her TAFE studies part time and completed 2 traineeships with the Eclectic team qualifying her in Certificate II Hairdressing and Certificate II Make Up Services. To complete

all 3 of these things at once shows just a slice of how dedicated to her career Jo is.

Since then Jo has come on board with our team full time while she completes her studies in her apprenticeship for Certificate III Hairdressing. Jo also regularly attends many workshops & industry events

upskilling in multiple areas of hairdressing.

Jo has a creative flair, a keen eye & an eagerness to always continue learning this has certainly been reflected in the many times Jo has assisted Liz with photo shoots & hair shows, Jo has even tried her

foot now in several competitions having even come out with a few trophies of her own.

In the salon Jo enjoys spending time with our clients and has a specialty for colouring with brightly coloured vivids as well as the beautiful pastel unicorn shades & creates some gorgeous braids. Jo is also responsible for most of the amazing Balayage colours you will see on our social media feeds.

We are so happy to have the very talented Jo on our team and we can't wait to see what she comes up with in the near future under the mentorship of our creative team.

Jo's recent achievments

Winner 2018 WA I.H.S S/S 2nd Place LIVE Junior Sessions Stylist

Winner 2018 WA. I.H.S S/S 2nd Place LIVE Junior Men's Cutting

Winner 2018 WA I.H.S A/W 3rd Place LIVE Junior Ladies Cutting

Winner 2017 WA I.H.S A/W 2nd Place LIVE Junior Session Stylist

Winner 2017 WA I.H.S A/W 3rd Place Open Fantasy Colour Autumn/Winter Edition